October can be a scary month for those of us watching our weight. Seeing candy apples, mini candy bars and other sugary holiday treats are tempting. Fortunately, we have some fun, healthy alternatives to help you avoid overindulging in sugar-packed treats. If you’re having your own party or just getting festive with some Halloween-themed treats, here are some healthy ideas for you to replace that sugar with some nutrients and stay on track through Halloween!

1. Snack-O-Lantern Fruit Cups

  • Looking for a healthy and fun party snack? Use a marker to decorate oranges to look like mini pumpkins! Looking for an extra challenge? Cut the top off of an orange peel and cut out the inside of the orange. Fill the inside with fruits like grapes, strawberries, blueberries or any of your favorite fruit. Use a knife or a marker to decorate it like a jack-o-lantern!

2. Candy Corn Parfait

  • You can make these in individual glass containers (mason jars work great!) or in one giant glass bowl. Simply layer chopped pineapple, chopped orange slices and top with vanilla yogurt. This treat will be just as good as your favorite Halloween candy but without getting in the way of your weight-loss journey!

3. Package Your Own Trail Mix

  • Mix together some mini chocolate chips, seasonal nuts and pumpkin seeds! Add some festivity to this perfectly portioned snack by heading to your local party store and packing them into themed snack-size bags. Use this healthy option to curb candy cravings or pack it in your kids’ lunch bags.

4. Candy Corn Veggie Platter

  • Here’s another candy corn look-alike treat! In an oval shaped platter, place chopped yellow peppers at the bottom, carrots in the middle and cauliflower at the top. This snack is healthy and fun for everyone!

October is a month filled with family festivities, and you shouldn’t miss out on the fun due to your weight loss journey. Whether you make these snacks as a healthy alternative for yourself, your kids or both – these simple options will keep you on track and out of the candy jar!

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