(Even Though You’re Telling Yourself You Shouldn’t)

Summer has come to an end, kids are back to school, schedules are busier and routines have changed. Here are some tips to help you adjust to the new season while creating an easy, enjoyable and healthy transition into your new health-conscious routine!

1. Delicious Fall Fare

You know we love food and fall may be our favorite season when it comes to yummy, healthy options! Take advantage of fall vegetables like squash, sweet corn and green beans. Two servings of these seasonal vegetables and lean meat such as turkey, chicken or fish make a tasty heart healthy meal. Even pumpkin can be used in recipes to create a sweet, healthy treat – plus it’s OK to indulge in pecan pie and fall sweets in moderation! Fall is also a great time to visit the farmers market to find all kinds of fresh produce.

2. Cooler, Bearable Weather

The summer is great to spend some time at the beach but as the weather shifts, embrace the cool air and beautiful fall scenery. The cooler weather makes it easier to find 30 minutes each day or a few times per week to enjoy walking, jogging, hiking or biking while enjoying the fresh crisp air. No need to worry about sweltering every time you step out of your house or car, so walk the kids to the bus stop, take your dog a little further than the end of the driveway or grab a coworker and walk around the outside of your office building during your lunch break!

3. Looking Great and Feeling Confident for the Holidays

Just a few months is enough time for visible weight loss progress, so when you see family and friends around the holidays, you’ll be able to be proud of the transformation you’ve made – and it will only just be the start of your journey! Starting your weight loss journey now will set you up to feel confident at holiday parties or family gatherings, and positive acknowledgement from loved ones is definitely great motivation to remaining dedicated to your weight loss.

4. Getting in a Routine

Schedules do tend to get busy in the fall with kids in school, etc., but all the more reason to get into a routine of eating right and implementing moderate exercise into your daily schedule! With a similar schedule every week, you can plan your meals and exercise – when you know you’re going to be busy, make a point to plan ahead! Keep your kitchen stocked with on-the-go options such as cut up veggies, pre-made salads or protein bars and set aside times to plan your grocery shopping list and meals. Instead of letting your diet falter when you’re busy, use it as an incentive to plan ahead and make your weight loss journey a priority in your daily routine!

5. Being Ahead of the Game

Most people wait until the start of the New Year to start a weight loss program, but what’s wrong with now? Getting started on your weight loss program in the fall just creates a good foundation and good habits for your New Years resolution and to continue making progress into the New Year.

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